TSA Changes Rules For Kids At Airport Security This Thanksgiving

The TSA will still require adults to take off their shoes before going through security.

No more taking off shoes at airport security for kids under 12.  That’s what the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced today as it issued its travel rules for this Thanksgiving.

All children under 12 will no longer be expected to take off their shoes before going through security, though adults will still have remove theirs.  Additionally, the TSA says the number of pat-downs of young children will be reduced, though not entirely eliminated.

They also offer some additional tips for families traveling through airports for the holidays:

  • Travelers must still put liquids placed in carry-on baggage in no larger than 3-ounce bottles and place them in 1-quart sized plastic, zip-top bags.
  • It’s best to avoid wrapping any gifts or other packages prior to travel, because the TSA may need to unwrap them to inspect them.  Snow globes, it turns out, are not allowed in carry-on baggage at all.


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