TSA Strikes Again: This Time They Give Pat-Down to a Baby!

TSA Search a Baby?

In the recent past there has been a public outcry when TSA agents opted to pat down a 3-year-old, and a search (videotaped by parents) of a 6-year-old girl. But the TSA has proven yet again that they are not engaging in “profiling” by age and performed a search on someone even younger. How young?

Two agents did a full pat down of a baby, a non-walking, non-talking, and no doubt,  non-terrorist baby. A helpless baby being held up in the air by his mother while the smiling TSA workers did their job. The TSA agents reportedly seemed to concentrate their search on the baby’s diapered lower half. Did they think the wee one was smuggling a weapon in there?  The reason the child was searched was apparently because that his stroller set off an alarm when it went through security.  The search was witnessed by fellow traveler Jacob Jester who tweeted the above photo and wrote…“Just saw #tsa agents patting down a little baby at @KCIAirport. Pretty sure that’s extreme.”

The TSA will look into the search but did state to the MailOnline that they have, “reviewed the screening of this family and determined that the officers involved followed proper current screening procedures.” They added that, “per protocol, officers had to conduct additional screening on the family after the child’s stroller alarmed during explosives screening. The family was very cooperative and the process was completed without incident.” But they also mentioned that this issue of screening those so young will be reviewed added that, they have “been actively reviewing its screening policies and procedures to streamline and improve the screening experience for low-risk populations, such as younger passengers.”

Do you think the screening of children -and now babies – has gone too far or is it just part of the price of keeping airline travel safe?

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