Turning the Bullied into the Bully?

photo :Sylvia Mojica (

Just when all the stories of bullying across the country are peaking, one mother took her 12-year-old son’s bullying situation into her own hands. In an act that most parents like myself gasped at, 38-year-old Sylvia Mojica gave her son a knife, and bb gun to take to school with him after he complained he was being bullied at school.

While Mojica has only been charged with risk of injury to a minor, her son is facing more serious punishment – expulsion from school because of his actions.

What sits not so well for me as a parent is – this happened locally to me, which originally got my attention.

But I think the issues go far deeper than simply bullying, and what kind of message was this mother trying to send, and what kind of help was she looking to give her son?

With bullying becoming such a large issue for parents across The United States we all need to stop for a moment and see what kind of actions will work to help protect our children and combat bullying in our own personal communities. What may work in one state or area, may not work in an inner city setting, or visa versa.

Starting community outreach panels, programs, and getting parents involved is where we need to start, not sending out children to school with weapons. We do not need more violence breeding in our schools.

How do you think we can work towards combating bullying in schools?