TV Products for Gullible Parents?


refdp_image_0ieutf8n468292skidsI admit I’ve been on a horrible, rotten, no-good As-Seen-On-TV kick recently, searching for the next miracle product to do more stuff in half the time. Deep down, I know most of these things won’t work, but I can’t help thinking the Slap Chop would make family dinner prep so much easier.

So I find myself drawn to Bendaroos, a children’s craft … thing. Check out the infomercial below. They are sticks coated in “magical wax” and can be shaped and formed into all manner of crazy creations. And then they can be bent back for use later! Plus, there’s no messy clean up!

See? Sucker. I’m even reciting commercial lines now.

I’m just about to pull the trigger on these things — I bet my kid would just love making stuff with these — but the rational part of me wants to know: Do they really work? Or are they just the next TV swindle? Have you tried them? Do they work?

And while we’re at it, are there other TV products just perfect for kids? And their mildly gullible parents?