Twilight Saga Breaking Dawns Birth Scene Causing Seizures…Really?

Twilight Causing Seizures?

The graphic and gruesome birth scene from the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn 1 has freaked out many a movie-goer.

In the scene, Kristen Stewart’s character Bella gives birth to her and Edward’s vampire baby. There is blood, there is guts, culminating in a gross-out scene where Edward is forced to rip open Bella’s stomach with his teeth. Yeah, not something you’d find in your average, everyday birth plan.

During the bloody show, many viewers had to cover their eyes, while others sat transfixed by the shocking scene unfolding before them. But an unlucky few? They had seizures.

According to, there have already been two reports of audience members who had seizures and convulsions while watching the now infamous scene.

Brandon Gephart of Roseville, California, claimed that birthing scene triggered him to have an attack where he was, “convulsing, snorting, trying to breathe.” He then blacked out and awoke on the floor of the movie theater.

Meanwhile in Utah, a woman claimed her husband had an attack saying he, “started mumbling and he was blinking on and off with his eyes at that point. I was kneeling in front of him slapping his face.” The husband doesn’t recall what happened, believing he blacked out.

But it apparently isn’t the depiction of the birth that is affecting the audience members but rather the flashing red, black and white colors on the screen that’s causing the seizures. This is reminiscent to “Pokemon Shock” where — reportedly — 685 viewers had seizures and were taken to the hospital after watching an episode of the popular show back in 1997 due to the strobe like flashes of color. Or they just really got freaked out by the crazy depiction of childbirth…but it sounds like editing is to blame.

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