Twins Born 10 Seconds Apart


PD*29679258Twins Sophie and Nicole Down have matching everything: matching faces, matching outfits — even matching birth weights (5 lbs. 11 oz.).

But what’s a first in sameness for British doctors is their time of birth — it, too, is exactly the same: 4:31 p.m.

The girls were born only 10 seconds apart.

When I first read the headlines, I had visions of that ping-pong ball scene in (NSFW!) Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Pow! Pow! The babies are here!

The Down girls were, however, born via c-section. Still, there’s usually a tw0-minute lag between the time the first baby comes into the world and the second. It’s unclear why there was such a rush in this case, but it’s the first time in Britain that twins have the same recorded birth time.

A spokesperson forthe Multiple Births Association confirmed the uniqueness of surrounding this birth.

“Usually twins born by caesarean section are around two minutes apart. Them being exactly the same weight is no more unusual then two single babies of exactly the same weight, but it doesn’t happen often. “But at the same time too is not something we have heard of before.”

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