Jolly Jumper Twins Video: Babies Bounce It Out to Johnny Cash

jolly jumper twin babies johnny cash viral video
Twins bounce to Johnny Cash song!

Watch these happy twins rocking out in their jolly jumpers, getting their bounce on to some Johnny Cash (video).

Holy cute.

My kids never had these little jumpy bouncers, but it’s like bungee for babies, only totally safer without that whole “jumping off a bridge” thing.

My thoughts somehow drift off to seeing an adult in one of these… but back to the matter at hand.

The twins, Reece and Levi, are totally getting bouncy with some Johnny Cash, and loving every second of it!

One twin seems to work the room a bit, while the other keeps a continuous bounce to the rhythm.

Giggles, grins and little outbursts of joy fill the room. We dare you not to smile.

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