Twitter Blames Kid for Hacking Site


twitter_fail_whalejpgLast Thursday was a big day for America: we learned we’d all get by without telling our friends in one hundred forty characters what kind of cereal we had or the size of our kid’s poo.

And for that very big lesson, we can blame . . . a kid.

The attack that kept Twitter down for much of the day and spit out sporadic error messages on Facebook (where I could not wish a happy birthday to any of the dozen people who share that natal day) and other social media is being blamed on a teenager. The folks at Twitter say they think it was a teenager – not a sophisticated programmer – who did the deed.

And this wouldn’t be the first time. The site hired a teen this spring who had kept the site tied up because “he was bored,” and knew he was too young to be prosecuted. Calling himself mikeyy, Michael Mooney is one of the many teens who’s been scooped up by companies (and sometimes municipalities) as tech gurus after hacking their way into places they shouldn’t be.

Maybe I’m just old, but I’m thinking these snot-nosed kids need to get their butts handed to them . . . not a big fat reward for screwing up the adult world. What do you think?

Image: Twitter

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