Twitter Introduces Vine, a Fun Way To Post Short Looping Videos


So, Twitter acquired the new video app Vine, and announced it’s launch today. From the Twitter blog:

“Today, we’re introducing Vine: a mobile service that lets you capture and share short looping videos. Like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine (6 seconds or less) inspires creativity. Now that you can easily capture motion and sound, we look forward to seeing what you create.”

The Vine blog explains it further:

“Posts on Vine are about abbreviation — the shortened form of something larger. They’re little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life. They’re quirky, and we think that’s part of what makes them so special.”

There are only a handful of videos up on Vine now, but they are pretty fun; six seconds of video snapshots of any situation.

The app works pretty simply; you launch it, hit the record button, and then “hold” the screen by keeping your finger on the screen (in iOS, anyway) and when you are done recording you lift your finger; then the clips are seamlessly sewn together and immediately shared on all the social media networks you want.

As people start using it, it’s likely to become a sort of Instagram for video; it took me only a few minutes or trial and error to create my first Vine video, and I definitely see the appeal.

Check it out! The app is currently free.