Twitter Topic #elementaryschoolmemories: What Do You Remember About Elementary School?

What Do You Remember Most?

What do you remember about Elementary School? I remember the smell of the copies from the mimeograph machine, the graham crackers and milk for snack, and having to put our heads down on the desk for a period of “rest.”  With my own child just beginning elementary school, memories of the start of my own scholastic career have come back to the forefront and I wonder, what will she remember? There will be good days and bad. Laughter and tears. Friendships forged and the forgotten. But it’s those little things, besides the all-important scholastics, that seem to stick.

A Twitter trending topic this week was #elementaryschoolmemories with users young and old (but 99% young) chiming in about what they remember most. Check out twenty of their most vivid memories. Do you share any of these and are these ones that our own children will have etched into their minds?


“Freeze Tag and Chocolate Milk”- Love’s Genuine Soul

“When boys used to think kissing is nasty” – The Joker

“Drawing a sun in the top corner of your paper” — Switzerland

“Thinking it was sooo cool to be the line leader” — Switzerland

“Having the 64 pack crayola crayons with the sharpener in the back.” – Ibeliebtioners

“Thinking the gym was huge! And then going back years later and realizing it’s really tiny.” – Not Will Ferrel

“Rubbing glue on your hand & peeling it off when it dries” – Gemmieegem

“The playground, not wanting to sleep during naptime, cubbies, 5th grade graduation, recorders” – Megan

“Chasing the person you had a crush on around the playground.” – Mr. Amition

“Pushing someone because you have a crush on them.” – Wizdom

“Being the only kid on the playground who could make it all the way across the monkeybars” – Alli Martin

“Bringing everybody Valentines on Valentine’s Day.” Ambitious_Girl

“When the fire truck would come and spray us with the hose.” — Matthew

“Everybody was friends with everybody ! no one was judgmental.”  — Crystal Leslie

“Making up our own “clubs” and not letting the weird kid have a membership” I Heart Bonita

“Fat pencils & paper w the dotted lines that made your handwriting look huge.” – mit

“Calling your friends house and asking his mom if he can play” — Matt

“I had this huge crush on this kid Hunter, & i traded him a handful of jelly beans for his school picture” UscreamNicole

“Practicing writing cursive, lol still don’t know how to write in cursive” Pete Rock

“Everybody hating that one student who messed up recess for the whole class !” Female Diggy



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