Two NYC Students Lose Their Fingertips In Accidents On Same Day

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Both Mikayla and Esau lost their fingertips last Monday in door closing accidents at school.

Teachers, how often do finger injuries occur as a result of being closed in a door at school? I’d guess it would be relatively common since kids aren’t always aware of keeping their hands out of harm’s way. But is it common for school children to have their fingertips not only severed in door closing accidents, but lost by school authorities? You might think so when you hear that two kids in New York City had that happen to them on the same day last week.

Brooklyn kindergartner Mikayla Spencer-Murray, 6, lost the tip of her right middle finger in an accident at Public School 279 on the same day that Queens fifth-grader Esau Gulley lost his right middle fingertip at Public School 140.

While accidents and kids go hand in hand, the chances of both children having their right middle fingertip severed off is remarkable. In Mikayla’s case, it was a teacher who closed the door on the little girl’s fingers:

“I didn’t know my hand was in the door, but a teacher started to close it and I felt it pinch. It hurt so bad I wanted to cry – but I didn’t.”

Mikayla’s finger was completely sliced off above the top knuckle. According to the NY Daily News, she was rushed her to Kings County Hospital, where it took doctors four hours to sew up the girl’s hand. Although Mikayla’s mother asked the school nurse immediately if anyone at the school had recovered the fingertip so doctors could reattach it, schools officials were unable to recover it. According to the mother, doctors at Kings County told her they would have been able to reattach the fingertip if they had it. Sine they didn’t, surgeons had to take a flap of skin from the girl’s palm and graft it onto the tip of her severed finger.

It was a cafeteria door that cut off 10-year-old Esau Gulley’s fingertip. On his way out to recess, the tip of Esau’s right middle finger at the base of his fingernail was separated:

“My hand got stuck where the hinges are. I was in a crowd of kids. There were too many kids. The door was closing and it shut on my finger. It felt like my finger was falling off. There was blood everywhere. I looked at it, and the top was gone.”

Similarly, Esau’s mother asked the school if hey had his fingertip but they couldn’t find it:

“They told me it was lost. I can’t believe it. How can you lose the tip of a finger? The doctor said if I came with it, they could have done something to reattach it. My son is disfigured because they didn’t save the tip of his finger. They need to educate people in schools on what to do in these situations.”

Esau’s surgery took two hours and doctors “managed to take loose skin dangling from the end of Esau’s maimed finger and stitch it over the stub.”

Given the eerie situation of two children losing their fingertips on the same day combined with the school not saving either one of the dismembered fingertips, I’m betting the Board of Education will now likely set up up a protocol if the situation arises again. Unfortunately, it’s too late for Mikayla and Esau, whose fingertips are gone. Esau’s school actually called his mother and said they found the fingertip on Wednesday, two days after the incident, which was too late to be reattached.

Source: NY Daily News


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