Two Toddlers Shoot Their Siblings


9mm HandgunTwo different toddlers shot their siblings in two different states.

A four-year-old in Las Vegas shot his two-year-old sister. The girl is in critical condition. Local police said that “the father was home at the time and the gun appears to have been improperly secured.”

A three-year-old South Carolina boy shot his four-year-old brother. The older boy is “expected to make a full recovery” according to local police. This time the gun was found under the bed at the home of “a family friend” according to the BBC.

Let me reiterate this crucial detail. In both cases, the toddlers found a loaded gun somewhere in the house they were in.

Hopefully everyone will survive these incidents. But the obvious question whenever this happens is why it happened at all. Why have a loaded 9mm handgun at home? Hunting? Protection? Well, then why is it somewhere that a four-year-old can find it?

Ugh. I’ll say again that hopefully everybody survives. And that the guns are locked up next time. Or better yet, not in the house at all.

Source: BBC

Image: SXC

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