Two-Year-Old Falls from 10th Story Window: Passerby Saves Her!

A Toddler Fell From the 10th Storyof This Building

It could have been a tragedy, but thanks to a quick acting passer-by, this tale has a much happier outcome.

In China, a two-year-old girl fell from her apartment window, falling ten stories. But as the young child dangling at the ledge, a passer-by spotted the toddler, threw off her heels and ran to the child’s rescue. The woman, a mother herself  with a 7-month-old baby at home, saved the child’s life, but the two did not come out of the situation unscathed.

The heroine – Wu Juping – broke an arm when the toddler fell into her outreached arms and was knocked to the ground and passed out due to the impact (she will need an operation to repair her arm.) Due to her good deed, the hospital is treating her at no charge.

The toddler is in critical condition and suffered internal bleeding from the fall, but should make a full recovery.

And you may be wondering how the baby fell out of the window in the first place. It has been reported that the child was left alone in the home when the baby was supposed  to be under the care of her grandmother. Her grandmother went to the roof while she thought the baby was asleep. But the child work up, climbed to the bedroom window and fell out.  The family really is so lucky at thing didn’t turn out worse.

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