UK Relents on Father's Name on Birth Certificate


mother-and-babyA measure that would have required all women in the UK to supply the name of a baby daddy in order to receive a birth certificate for their child has been abandoned.

And single mothers who don’t want anything to do with the sperm provider breathed a big sigh of relief.

The law was supposed to make it easier for the British government to enforce child support mandates on the fathers, but it posed a number of problems for single women – especially those escaping a domestic violence situation with their child.

Women were supposed to have a few outs – if they simply didn’t know who the man was, they didn’t have to write in a fake name. But the government wanted to make men stand up and take responsibility for their kids with a law that really could do no more than make him put his name on a piece of paper.

Making a man a father takes a lot more than that – as many single women (who have long since stopped waiting for him to show up and take his kid out for ice cream) will attest.

The newly drafted law opens up loopholes for women – including those in domestic violence situations.

Image: sylvar via flickr

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