U.K.'s Oldest Mum Gives Baby Young Name


elizabeth-adeney_1405639cShe’s just months away from the grandmotherly age of 67, but Elizabeth Adeney, the U.K.’s oldest mum, has got the baby naming chops of a 31-year-old.

Her boy, born last week at 5 lb. 3 oz., has been given a virtually unheard of, awkward to pronounce, easy to misspell name loaded with meaning.

Hey, that’s what the young moms do!

Jolyon … Jolyon Adeney. It’s a variant of Julian and Julius and means “young at heart” (no question the baby’s young at heart … here’s hoping Mother is, too!).

Adeney became Britain’s oldest mom after getting pregnant and giving birth at 66. But she isn’t the world’s oldest mom — that’s Omraki Panwar, who gave birth to twins last year at 70.

Adeney looks great; that’s her in the picture at some point in her pregnancy. Reports say she has hired a live-in nanny and will continue working as a managing director of Delmore, a slipper factory in Mildenhall.

All the best to Mum and Jolyon!

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