Ultimate Gross Out Book for Kids


whats-eating-youSometimes the best way to relate to your kids is simply to get gross – and if it takes a bedtime story to do it, hey, at least they’re learning.

And thank goodness for reprints because Candlewick has re-released the must-have book for getting down on their level. Warning, you may itch uncontrollably after reading this one.

What’s Eating You was re-released over the summer – excuse us for missing it – but it’s worth a look for families with kids ages 4 and up. A matter-of-fact (and often funny) look at the creepy crawlies that are a fact of this world, it’s gross, but an intelligent way to look at bugs that might end up quelling some fears. Or at least making them the cool kid on the playground come recess time.

Going beyond the parasites that live on you and me to those that make a difference in the animal kingdom, Nicola Davies’ book is a good pick for winter time, when the worst of the creepy crawlies are too cold to make you itch.

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