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Um, That's Not Engagement: Robert Scoble Slams Mom Blogger *UPDATED*

By cecilyk |

Aimee Giese

It’s pretty common for those of us in the social space to debate matters of stats, social media platforms, and other topics related to marketing and engagement.

Many of us follow thought leaders in the industry such as Chris Brogan, Jason Falls, Liz Strauss, Kara Swisher, and others – including Robert Scoble.

Robert Scoble is the well-respected former Microsoft tech evangelist who now works with Rackspace. With his 200K Twitter followers, 20K Facebook subscribers, speaking commitments all over the world, and well known success in driving start up business, many folks hang on his every word.

So it was quite a surprise when in a seemingly benign conversation about the benefits of Facebook and Google+ vs. Twitter with folks on Facebook, Scoble lashed out at well-loved mom blogger Aimee Giese.

Here’s a screenshot of the exchange.

It’s an astonishing “WHUH?” moment. Leaping right to someone having “no family and no friends” (a shock, as you can imagine, to Aimee’s husband and son, not to mention her friends – like me) simply because they prefer Twitter over Facebook, is hitting below the belt.

Mr. Scoble has had other public outbursts and upon occasion admitted he was wrong. Let’s hope this is a time that he’ll be willing to do so again.

UPDATE 10:40pm September 20th, 2011

Not twenty minutes after I hit publish on this post, Mr. Scoble publicly apologized to Aimee. Glad to see it.

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0 thoughts on “Um, That's Not Engagement: Robert Scoble Slams Mom Blogger *UPDATED*

  1. Elly says:

    This is a common problem (not the twitter/fb debate) but instead of engaging in conversation people are jumping to personal insults, if you don’t share my opinion you must live on a different planet and have no friends. I had this conversation with The Mom Pledge yesterday about a BFing article related to Babble and many of the comments on the BFing article took a leap to personal insults skipping factual debate or opinion (not all of them, there were a number of fabulous, informative and passionate comments that didn’t resort to that behavior). It’s the same things politicians are doing and our young adults and kids are seeing as models of appropriate behavior and public debate.

    (and quite frankly for social media purposes, I prefer twitter, I like facebook for friends and keeping connected with those people. I don’t have family on twitter or facebook and I won’t add them, and I don’t like Google+ at all)

  2. rajean says:

    I’m all for a healthy debate. I’ve respected & followed Scoble and gasp! We’ve tweeted. Like back & forth. But maybe that’s not the kind of engagement he speaks of when he claims so much more happens on G+ & FB? I also like a dry sense of humor. His comments to Aimee (also a friend) warrant an apology.

  3. Deb Rox says:

    Aimee is a powerful leader and incredibly accomplished tech business owner. Why would he think it’s okay to be so demeaning to anyone, let alone her? What planet-normal people-no friends, all of that is incendiary and rude. Kinda shocked.

  4. Jenni Chiu says:

    The art of open discussion has quickly given way to slings and arrows. Poo.

  5. MainlineMom says:

    And now it seems he has issued his apology on his Google+ page, which essentially forces us to all click through from twitter to G+ which is exactly what he wants since he has “bet his career” on the new platform. I wouldn’t mind reading the apology but I’m sorry, I’m not headed to Google+ to do so.

  6. Karen says:

    I sent her a tweet about this. In my opinion, this is a perfect example of someone who is not capable of making a logical argument FOR their position, so they resort to attacks. It’s called a Logical Fallacy (specifically ‘Personal Attack’) and to me, anyway, it shows a stunning lack of ability to construct a valid argument. Honestly, I wouldn’t engage the services of a person who jumps on the attack like that.

  7. Anne Parris (@notasupermom) says:

    Very disappointing and not professional at all.

  8. anonymous pr girl says:

    Robert Scoble says this kind of idiotic shit all the time. I promise you he only did it because he realized Aimee is influential. If it’d been anyone less known, he would not have apologized. Why anyone pays attention to this blowhard is beyond me…

  9. blogomomma says:

    We “should” be able to disagree and debate respectfully. When all you have left in your arsenal is profanity and insults, you sorta lost the game.

    Seems a slew of cranky divo’s are shaking the social media dust of Facebook and Twitter off their avies to do a sudden hard media blitz for Google+ .. Scoble, Problogger, Brogan – almost like their lives are invested in it. Wait. Did I say that outloud? Can you say Google+ book launch in November (chris brogan)? Dropping followers like flies creates quite a little buzz doesn’t it? Cowinky dink? Chicago White Sox circa 1919? I’m not sayin, I’m just sayin.

    Jim Jones didn’t get all those people to drink the kool-aid because he was a great leader – he got them to follow him because he was a great bs’er.

    I don’t know you Amy Geise but keep on commenting your respectful opinion people who know better, get it and respect it. Props girly!

  10. zchamu says:

    I stopped following Scoble and the like long ago. I didn’t find they added anything productive to my daily interaction with the web; I found instead their conversations were essentially little more than a really irritating brand of technical machismo and oneupsmanship. But I do think his apology here was sincere, although I do wonder if he’d apologize if Aimee didn’t have 8000 followers.

  11. Jessica (@ It's my life...) says:

    Why is the public apology on G+ and not a) in the original thread or b) on FB where the slight occurred?
    It feels like a sleazy attempt at getting traffic to Scoble’s Google + account. #lame

  12. Carol Schiller says:

    Scoble was hasty in his response and thus allowed himself to cross the line into being rude. And by being rude, he took the actual issue (the relative merits of various social media platforms) off the table and made the debate about something he had no expertise in at all. Which made him look silly and unprofessional.
    The amazing part is that 11 people clicked “like” on his comment and basically said, “yup, I’m silly and unprofessional too”. Apparently, some people are willing to suck up to a celebrity, even in the midst of embarrassing himself.

  13. Julie Marsh says:

    Cheers to Robert Scoble for recognizing, acknowledging, and apologizing for his rudeness. Too bad so many of his acolytes kept up the flaming of Aimee Giese in their comments on his apology.

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