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Up-and-Coming Name Trends for 2010

By Madeline Holler |

baby-name-trends-2010-ad-bustersThe good news? We’re not going to see a lot of babies named Sparrow in the coming year (sorry, Nicole and Joel). But we can, according to the self-anointed Baby Name Guru, Bruce Lansky, expect to spend a lot of time on the circle time rug with Jaydens, Aidens (or, kind of horrifyingly, Aydens), Rylees and Kylees and the entire cast of characters from the Holy Bible.

The Top 5 baby naming trends for girls and the top five for boys will bring us these names in 2010, Lansky says:


1. The -aydens: Jayden, Aiden/Ayden and Brayden.

2. Old Testament names: Elijah, Gabriel, Nathan, Isaac, Aaron, Josiah.

3. Irish names: Brody, Liam, Aiden (Conner, surprisingly, is dropping off).

4. Western “C” names: Cooper, Carter, Colton and Chase (attorney’s at law?)


1. Sound-alike names: Chloe/Zoe, Rylee/Kylee, Aubrey/Audrey, Makayla/Layla, Peyton/Payton.

2. Faith-based names: Genesis and Leah. (Nevaeh, heaven spelled backwards, is no longer the clever shout-out to Christ it had been for the previous few years.)

3. Place names. Or, more specifically, The Place name — Brooklyn. She moves up while Sydney slides down. (Question: When is Dubuque going to get on the girl’s name hit parade that it so deserves?)

4. Madeline/Madelyn. This is the naming trend that needs to die. I don’t like to share.

So that’s America’s naming blueprint in a nutshell. Expectant moms, spill. What are you naming your 2010 babies?

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36 thoughts on “Up-and-Coming Name Trends for 2010

  1. Lindsay says:

    I named my daughter Beatrice! I was determined to give her name that wasn’t on anyone’s popular list.

  2. Ha! I got some bad news, Lindsay. My daughter’s name is Beatrice, too. The good news? Neither of us went with Sparrow.

  3. Emily says:

    Our son will be Sebastian Henry – Henry is actually becoming very popular among the expectant moms I’ve encountered!

    PS – I like Sparrow! (As a middle name or a nickname, at least)

  4. Staceyjw says:

    If I have a boy: Jack Damon
    If it’s a girl: Anna Jean
    We’re not too creative, except for Damon, all are family names.
    I am still looking for a D boys name that is Spanish/Mexican (would replace Damon). We live in Mexico and the name Jack doesn’t translate well, so I want a middle name he can use while we’re here.

  5. babymamaOH says:

    We have a baby due July 4… it will be either Lucy Annabella for a girl or Cole Andrew for a boy.

  6. Andrea says:

    Marian (Molly) Aletha
    Be awhile before either of those hit the lists, I think. Marian is my dad’s mom who passed away when he was young, Aletha was a great aunt who stepped into her place and means ‘truth’.

  7. Black Sheep says:

    The -aden trend is annoying and has actually been around for some time, as has the -iley trend.

  8. staceyjw — what about Diego?

  9. Kayt says:

    My guy was born at the end of 2008, and he’s James. If I had my say, we would be trying for baby number two by the end of 2010, and it would be named Caroline or Daphne, Gideon or Jonas or Rhys. Probably, it’ll be closer to 2011, and it’ll probably be Caroline or Daphne, and Adam or Dexter.

  10. Featherenmama says:

    Comments We named our daughter Athena – it’s feminine, beautiful and strong, and still not common. Plus, it’s not some odd made-up name.

  11. Katrina says:

    For a girl we like Mercy, Clementine, and Paloma. For a boy we like Finnegan, Moses, and Mateo.

  12. Amanda says:

    I’m due in July. If we have a boy, he’ll be Clay. If we have a girl, she’ll be Ainsley.

  13. Mistress_Scorpio says:

    I’m due in August. If it’s a girl, Josephine. If it’s a boy, I’ve got to think about it because I used both my boy name choices on the first.

  14. Kaz says:

    “Expectant moms, spill. What are you naming your 2010 babies?”

    is the new trend in 2010 to not allow expectant dads to have any input?

  15. Madeline says:

    You nailed it, Kaz! You should be a trend-watcher.

  16. Abby says:

    I have a Juliet on the way.

  17. Miz Expecting says:

    Boy: Augustus or Finnegan
    Girl: Charlotte or Bronwyn

  18. Kathy says:

    Comments I’m done having kids. But if I had another girl I would name her Charlotte.

  19. ashLee says:

    My pregnant friend is asking us for suggestions on what to name her baby boy who is yet to be born…we were joking about it but two us really wanted the name KYLE…Personally for me, if I would be a mother, I’d like to name my boys under the numbers 3 and 4 category..I am quite addicted to Harlequin novels especially their Irish and western characters…..
    Reborn Boy Doll

  20. Erin says:

    I’m a Fan of Silas for a boy (biblical) and Ella for a Girl (Romantic)

  21. Jenny from Austin says:

    Our March 2010 baby will be Clementine June. I actually like the name Sparrow, reminds me of the spiritual “His Eye is on the Sparrow.” I’m an atheist, but its still a sweet sentiment.

  22. Kate says:

    Not being married yet, I don’t plan on having children for a while – but when I do, names are going to be James Michael (Michael is my dad’s name), Emily Margaret (Emily is my sister, which is why she’ll go by Maggie), and something involving Elizabeth – I guess my husband can help figure that one out.

  23. Lolo says:

    Boy: Thor, Leif, or Dane
    Girl: Claire or Linnea

  24. Property says:

    im due and our boy will be Fred. Frederick Robert on the BC

  25. Jen says:

    This insane desire to have uniquely named kids is ridiculous. Narcissism here we come!

  26. Marie Smith says:

    I had a beautiful girl in December – we named her Matilda

  27. LaLa says:

    Kathleen Patience & Judith Persephone due in August!

  28. Claire says:

    I love the boy name Lachlan. But Husband doesn’t! My sister and BIL are naming their baby Finley boy or girl. I’m thinking we like Carter, and Andrew, and Logan.

  29. MommaD says:

    We have a Kiana, Keilani, Kamia & Elijah…with number 4 on the way. If its a boy he will be Ezekiel. No name decided for a girl.

  30. MommaD says:

    Ooops # 5 on the way.

  31. jill says:


  32. Sara says:

    We had our Olivia Grace in August!

  33. Kayla says:

    I named my daughter Mariah -2008
    My son Aidan-2010
    My son Wesley -2010
    Yes the boys are twins! But I had no idea Aidan was a popular name! :(

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