UPDATE: 12 Fetus Claim a Hoax


pregnantbelly1If you smelled a rat in the claims that a woman living in Tunisia was dead set on carrying twelve fetuses to term, drink up the rest of that half empty glass.

She might not even BE pregnant.

Doctors in Tunisia now say she’s psychologically imbalanced. When the story first came to light, it sounded somewhat plausible – that’s because they weren’t releasing news that this woman claimed to be nine months along. At that point, the idea that she could have conceived (with fertility intervention) twelve was scary but it could have happened. The likelihood of twelve babies coming to term, however, is slim to none, and that appears to be where this story fell apart.

The woman and her husband were allegedly seeking the kind of fame that Nadya Suleman earned for her octuplets, but considering the response to her has been about ninety percent BAD, that alone should point to a psychological imbalance for this couple.

OK, the fact that’s imagining being pregnant is nutty enough, we grant you. We’re just GLAD this isn’t true, to be honest. We don’t need to watch Tunisia Plus Twelve and Counting . .