UPDATE: Balloon Boy's Family Facing Charges


heene-familyCome on – you saw this coming, didn’t you? The parents of Balloon Boy (aka Falcon Heene – but Balloon Boy has such a better ring to it) will be facing charges.

This from the Sheriff who just the other day said the Heene’s emotions were real during the “ordeal” of watching their son float off in a weather balloon. Oh how the tables have turned.

People Magazine is reporting today that the Sheriff Jim Alberden says charges will “likely be filed” against either Richard or Mayumi Heene . . . or both. So to all of you who said “hoax!” give yourself a M&M or two.

The announcement comes after a series of weirdness that brought the hoax calls to a head: including the little boy announcing on CNN that he hid in the attic “for the show,” and Richard Heene’s refusal to ask the boy on-camera what he meant by that. Then came a home video, released by the Heene’s themselves, that shows Richard – NOT Falcon – releasing the balloon. The latter brought into question again why the boy would have hid out of fear of having done something wrong.

The charges being levied are misdemeanors – although there’s no word on whether the Heene’s could be made to make restitution for the manhours and money spent trying to located their supposedly missing child.

Did you call this one?

Image: People

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