Update on Baby Put in Washing Machine: The Babysitter Did It?

baby in washing machine, parents put baby in washing machine
Uh-oh! The babysitter did it!

I’ll be appearing on HLN Prime News tonight at 6:30 to talk about this video of a baby put inside a washing machine at a New Jersey laundromat. Until now, it was presumed that the people with the child were his parents, but a news report suggests that the child may have been with his female babysitter and her unknown male companion, which gives the incident an entirely new perspective. Earlier this morning it was reported that local Camden officials were “looking to identify and speak to the parents who put their baby in a washing machine at a laundromat,” according to WBTV. Officials were viewing the incident as an accident and were not planning to press charges but wanted to make sure the child had not been hurt.

My Fox Philly reports that “The Camden County prosecutor’s office is now in the process of interviewing the babysitter of the child,” who was “taken to West Jersey Hospital where he was treated for scrapes and bruises.” The child is only 13 months old. ABC affiliate WPVI spoke to the child’s grandmother this afternoon who “explained how the family found out about the incident after seeing the video on television.” She says the man who placed the boy inside the washing machine “is unknown to the family.”

WPVI notes, “The prosecutor’s office says the incident doesn’t appear to be criminal, but it is asking the man and woman to come forward and prove the boy is okay.” No comment yet from the boy’s parents, but I bet that babysitter has been fired.

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