Update on Hurricane Sandy Devastation In New York City

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A tree down in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Last night I told you that babies from the NICU and other patients were being evacuated from NYU Langone Medical Center. As far as I can tell based on reports from NY1, all patients were successfully relocated to other New York hospitals. According to The Huffington Post, “Other hospitals in New York City are relocating patients Tuesday morning. Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn is moving about 180 patients to other facilities.” Additionally, “Bellevue Hospital Center in Manhattan remains open Tuesday, despite late-night reports that an evacuation was imminent …. The hospital suffered flood damage in its basement but its backup generators never failed. Twenty patients using ventilators were moved to other hospitals on Tuesday.”

Unfortunately, the news from parts of Zone A in Queens and Staten Island is not nearly as positive. According to earlier reports on NY1, 80 houses were burned down in Breezy Point, Queens, and homes in Staten Island have crumbled, killing those inside. The Washington Times reports 100 homes have burned, including the home of Republican Congressman from New York, Conservative Party chair Bob Turner. NY1 adds that Michael R. Long, another Conservative Congressman, lost his home as well. NY1’s Errol Louis noted just now, these homes are “not damaged, they’re completely obliterated.” He added, “Staten Island is a mini-Katrina” as people who didn’t evacuate clung to their roofs. 10 New York City residents have died according to NY1 — The Daily News says the number is closer to 20 — and other reports indicate there have been 35 storm-related deaths overall.

It’s unclear when New York’s airports will re-open, but bus service begins again in a limited way at 5 pm. It will take at least four days before subways are running, and I imagine much longer. Bridges and tunnels are re-opening slowly. For updates on transportation, keep an eye on the Daily News‘ liveblog. As far as I can tell, the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel is still flooded. For photos of the damage city-wide, check out The Atlantic’s photojournalism here.

New York City public schools remain closed tomorrow, Wednesday, October 31. No one has even mentioned the word “Halloween.” I’m planning on avoiding the issue with my daughter until she brings it up. If you live in the tri-state area, let us know how you’re doing in the comments! If you’d like to email me stories or pictures of how you’re doing and what your home/neighborhood looks like – especially if you have kids – send them to

Photo credit: Flickr user mdpNY