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Update on Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Parents No Longer Cooperating With Detectives

By Stephanie Precourt |

The search for missing Kansas City baby Lisa Irwin continues.

Earlier tonight Kansas City police spokesman Steve Young said in a news conference that Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley had stopped cooperating with authorities in the search for their missing 10-month-old baby.


I’ve been waiting and hoping for the little girl to be found- just days ago an Amber Alert was issued in Kansas City, Missouri for the 10-month-old Lisa Irwin.

The parents claim she was taken from her crib sometime in the night. But, unfortunately as it goes in these cases (sorry, but stories like Caylee Anthony’s and Madeleine McCann’s have hardened my heart a bit) we’re all casting doubt toward the mom and dad, both of whom have stuck with their claim that a window had been tampered and that their three cell phones were taken. Family members called their own news conference and denied the investigators’ claims.

It’s possible that Lisa’s parents are tired and seeking a break from the investigation, sure. But the skeptic in me wonders a few things… why didn’t anyone hear anything? The mom was asleep in another room as were her two older children. Was there no baby monitor? Were the three cell phones together? Because if someone were to take my cell phone in the night they’d have to come into my bedroom to find it. Also, if the dad was working at the time and discovered the child missing when he came home at 4 am, wouldn’t he have had his cell phone on him? How could it be taken? And hello it’s 2011 – can’t they trace cell phones to find exact locations?

I’m sincerely praying for a positive outcome for baby Lisa. May she be unharmed and returned to her family. But I’m bracing myself for what we might hear next.

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0 thoughts on “Update on Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Parents No Longer Cooperating With Detectives

  1. kate says:

    Why are you including the McCann’s as an example of reason’s why your heart is hardened? That’s incredibly irresponsible.

    1. Kate, because she hasn’t been found. It makes me sad. Not that my feelings about it are anyway right.


  2. Graham Perry says:

    Instead of being so hostile towards parents that have a missing child, why don’t you try to help, insead of making un-founded aligations. Ever heard of CHILD-EXPLOITATION? GOD PROTECT ALL CHILDREN!

  3. Graham Perry says:

    I meant:- “instead” – of making – (these typos happen)

  4. kate says:

    Obviously you were implying that her mom was responsible, just own it instead of “it makes me sad”.

  5. Andrea says:

    It’s an unthinkable situation all around, whether the parents were involved or not. Let’s not shoot the messenger.

  6. Claire says:

    The Mccanns are not responsible for their daughter’s abduction, read the full story before you make judgements

  7. Manjari says:

    There is also another amber alert right now:

    This boy was kidnapped by his mother but hasn’t been found yet.

  8. Misty @ The Family Math says:

    Thoughts and prayers for this sweet baby and her family. I hope she is found safe.

  9. Nikki says:

    I have to agree with Steph on this one. The story is very questionable as to what actually went on. Why would police say the family stopped cooperating then later the sister said they were working with police and never stopped? I don’t quit understand any of this and it doesn’t make sense how after you notice your 10 month old daughter is missing you don’t immediately run to the phone. Instead they waited till after they had searched for her to notice 3 phones were missing. How does that happen? Three people are in the house and not one wakes up to hear someone come in to take the baby. The cell phones could have belonged to the older children and the mother but why wouldn’t the father have immediately called when he noticed his child wasn’t in her crib or sleeping with mom. They also stated the house lights were on an the front door was unlocked. What?? Your telling me someone came into your house turned on all the lights, took all the cell phones, kidnapped your child, left the front door unlocked and no one noticed?? The father comes home to all the lights on and an unlocked door and doesn’t immediately think something is wrong? With all the things that go on in this world and with everything being reported about this case it’s not hard to immediately think the parents (both or just one) is involved. It doesn’t sit right.

  10. wondering2011 says:

    I have to wonder how a mother could sleep through all of that. When my kids were babies, I could hear a pin drop. It’s mother’s intuition, it’s our nature to sense when our kids are crying or when something is wrong. Not to say she is guilty, only time will tell, however, I wonder how she couldn’t hear anything, even a light being turned on or a window opening. Curious . . .

  11. Mom Of 3 says:

    @Misty It was verified that the dad said after 11 hours of interrogation he needed a break as anyone could imagine the stress, the terror, and having been up working all night and not getting any sleep. So sue him. Police dont always tell the truth. They obviously have no clue how to handle this type of case. There is no law stating you have to tolerate 11, 12, 20 30 hours of acccusations. As many parents would likely feel, they probably also felt time was being wasted.
    Of course their first instinct is to look for her. Thats exactly what I would do. Even if the dad did not work at night its possible they did not hear anything. He comes in every am a 4am they probably are accustomed to this. I am a mother and I can assure you I sleep through everything. My daughter was attacked and stabbed in her own home and no one else woke up.
    Save your armchair judgements and get the facts.
    The father came home and immediately thought something was wrong. Do you comprehend anything?
    When you are in a panic you dont think about looking for cell phones or doing things a calm person would.
    With everything being reported should be a clue. Dont assume because you read something it is gospel. They reported the mom”was out” the night before. Oh horrors! She was gasp!! at the grocery store! Among the items she purchased was wine!!!!!!!! Oh shes guilty.
    Just because you would do something or hear everything doesnt mean they did or should.

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