UPDATE: Who Will Take Care of Michael Jackson's Kids?


090626-mjkids-hmed-6ah2Michael Jackson’s mom may be back in the child raising business.  Apparently, Michael Jackson’s children – Michael Joseph, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine and Prince “Blanket” Michael II – want to stay with Jackson’s parents at the family’s home in Encino, CA.  The Jackson family reportedly is “100 percent behind this”.  The children are reportedly in good spirits but they “miss their daddy.”

According to Radaronline — who snagged an exclusive with one of the Jackson’s attorneys, Debra Opri the lawyer said that the kids should stay with Michael’s mom Katherine Jackson. “Katherine will be the custodial parent for the kids. It was understood that Katherine is the best person to take care of the children as she can provide a stable, loving environment for the kids. The children will remain with Katherine, and she should raise them.”

But a big concern? Katherine’s age.  Katherine  was born 1930, making her currently 78. Katherine has twenty —seven grand kids (10 of whom are children of Jermaine). But she is very close with Michael’s kids.  To aid Katherine, the children have nannys that have been integral in raising the trio. One nanny, Grace Rwaramba, 42, has worked for Michael Jackson for almost 20 years and one source had said that Jackson wanted her to raise the children if anything happened to him.

There is still speculation that the biological mother of two of the children Debbie Rowe will seek out custody.  And some pundits are starting that it was common knowledge that Jackson was not biological father of his children and that the sperm donor was specially selected by Jackson.  So another biological parent could come out of the woodwork to lay claim to the kids.  Although Michael Jackson was drastically in debt, he still owned his musical catalog, which the past week has had phenomenal sales with it grabbing a chunk of the top spots on CD and iTunes sales.

But the big question? Who should get the kids? Do you think Katherine Jackson is too old to care for the Jackson kids?