Urban Outfitters: Overpriced Clothes with a Side of Racism


urban-outfittersThanks to Jezebel for pointing me to this gem of a marketing campaign. In their online catalogue, Urban Outfitters is selling a shirt that comes in two colors: “White/Charcoal” and “Obama/Black.”

Just as a simple analogy, this makes no sense. White is to charcoal as black is to the president of the United States? My head is spinning.

And then, of course, there’s the wee little problem with equating the colors of objects with the races of people; imaging buying a paint color called “White/Liv Tyler.”

This reminds me of when my grandmother serves brown butter beans alongside her green ones, and asks, “Do you want some of the coloreds as well?” But she’s 87 and she grew up in rural Georgia. And she’s not serving her food to a generation of teenagers.

Photo: Jezebel