Using a Blog to Build an Ebook - Interview with Angela England


Angela England is the Editor-in-Chief of Blissfully Domestic, but also has success as a blogger and ebook author in her own right. Today we’re going to pick her brain about how she used her blogging to build her ebook success.

Alli: So you woke up one day and said “Today I’m going to take over the interwebz?”

Angela: It was actually something I got into just to make enough extra cash each month to keep my babies out of daycare. We did the math, set a goal, and I began working as a freelance writer and content producer from home in my spare time. It’s really just blossomed from there.

Alli: How did you get from that to blogging and writing ebooks?

Angela: That first year I learned about freelance writing, the value of our words and the business side of things. When Kelby hosted the first Type A Parent Conference she had me come and speak on the long-term payoff of working online, and the business side of things working as a “problogger”.

That’s when I realized how much the blogging community lacked in terms of this type of knowledge at the time, and decided to turn some of my best blog posts into a really comprehensive guide to making money online beyond just banner ad sales.

I think of ebooks as just an extension of helping others when I get a lot of questions on a particular topic. I can expand on the blog posts, format it in a logical structure and order, and present it in a great package ready to be used.

Alli: What would you tell someone who’s thinking about getting started blogging or creating an ebook of their own?

Angela: I think you need to really examine why you’re doing it. If your goal is self-expression, I would consider that hobby or personal blogging and tell you not to worry about some of the technical things and business-related concerns. If your goal is to pay a bill or two, you need to approach it differently.

That’s not to say that you can’t love what you’re doing — I certainly do! I’ve taken something I absolutely love, am skilled at, and have also found a way to make a living doing so? That’s the ultimate in employment bliss! (pun intended) It’s certainly not a cop-out to pay a bill with a job you feel passionate about, just like it’s not lazy have no desire to turn a hobby into a job. There’s room for both sides, and everyone somewhere in the middle as well.

Alli: And now you rule the world?

Angela: Not the whole world yet — just a couple websites. OK like a dozen. Or three. Yeah…only three dozen I swear. Don’t look at my domain list, ok?

Alli: How many ninjas could you take out?

Angela: Ten years ago I could probably only handle one or two, but I’ve had four minions since then. My kids could take out a dozen, easy. Not to mention the whole hormonal-pregnant thing I’ve got going for me. Yeah, I’d say a dozen, no problem!

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