Vacation Guide: Find a Playground Anywhere


playgroundNo matter how education-packed you want your summer vacation to be, sometimes the kids just have to blow off some steam. But you don’t have to blow mega bucks at an amusement park to make it happen.

Just find a playground. But not just ANY playground will do, so we’ve found someone who can help. 

KaBOOM! builds playgrounds and play”spaces” around the nation, but they’ve also set up a playground finder online, where parents can post the good, the bad and the need-to-knows about playgrounds they’ve found while on the go. With some spots in better neighborhoods than others, some public, some private and some geared toward different age groups, KaBOOM! helps you plan a great escape from the rush, rush, rush of vacation.

Find out who has a baby swing. Who has a big slide. Who doesn’t clean up after the dogs.

Their goal is to hit one hundred thousand playgrounds on the map within one hundred days, and there are twenty-one days left to hit the goal (they’re almost halfway there at more than forty-nine thousand). Pull up the list to plan your vacation and input your favorite playground while you’re at it (I added mine!).

Want to help them build a playground? Send your kids’ grandparents online to talk about how they’re spending the summer outside with the grandkids, and will donate to KaBOOM! They’ll be putting up cash for every hour logged keeping the kids off the couch and out in the sunshine (so pack the sunblock for the trip to Granny’s).

Image: KaBOOM!

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