They Say: Common Medicine May Counteract Vaccines


infant-tylenolA common practice in pediatricians’ offices may be blunting the power of children’s vaccines.

Doctors haul out the vaccine needle and give the go-ahead to parents to adminster a dose of children’s Tylenol to ward off fever and help kids deal with discomfort.

But a new study – accompanied by new advice in the Lancet – points to a problem with the adminstering the two together. The AP reports the researchers found “lower rates of protective antibody levels from several vaccines” when Tylenol or a generic was administered. Essentially, the efficacy of the vaccine was reduced.

The study did not look at Tylenol given AFTER a fever develops, but the CDC has concurred that it provides enough reason for parents to avoid dosing their kids with Tylenol before a vaccine – unless absolutely necessary.

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