Indian Government Denies Any HPV Vaccine Deaths


vaccine deathsThe HPV vaccine is being accused of killing five girls in India, according to the website Sify.  Government officials deny that there have been any vaccine deaths, and cite other causes in each case.

The HPV vaccinations were carried out by an international NGO programme for Appropriate Technology in Health as part of a study on HPV vaccination.  Despite the fact that the national government denies any problems associated with the vaccine, “state governments have been instructed not to carry out any further vaccinations.”

Elsewhere in the world, parents in the U.K. are upset that “girls as young as 12 can be given the cervical cancer vaccine without their parents’ consent,” according to The Daily Mail.  Similar concerns have been expressed in the U.S., with those opposed to vaccinating young girls suggesting that “protecting them against a sexually transmitted infection before they are even teenagers is giving them the go-ahead to experiment sexually.”

HPV causes 70 per cent of cervical tumours and is easily prevented.

Photo: Immunization Specialists