Valentine Reads for Kids - Part 2


how-do-lions-say-i-love-youAll it takes is a few bedtime stories to hook your kids on the written word. But if you want to cement a love of reading, you have to keep at it. Which is why we decided to add a few more books to our list of nighttime reads we LOVE for the kids this Valentine’s Day.

How Do Lions Say I Love You by Diane Muldrow – The animal kingdom holds kids fascination like no other, and this sweet board book will inspire them to cuddle right up beside you just like the giraffes, swans and those cute (and huge) kitties.

Yummiest Love by Lisa McCourt – It’s hard to put the love of a parent in words, but McCourt spells out the mysteries of what makes us cling to our kids with warmth and humor.

You’re Lovable To Me by Kat Yeh – In a story that brings to mind the good part of I Love You Forever – without the creepy stalker mom issues – this story of a mama bunny who loves her babies is complemented by whimsical drawings with a hint of the old-fashioned children’s book illustrations. Read it to them or savor it yourself when you need a little reminder that life with kids is work, but you still love it.

heart-of-the-bottleAnd two to pre-order:

You Are My Wish by Maryann Cusimano Love – From the author of You Are My I Love You, this picture book hits shelves in March, but pre-order as a Valentine’s Day present for Grandma and Grandpa from the kids. Exploring the alternate love of grandparent and grandchild, the story plays out in fun drawings of cuddly bears. A loving reminder that you’re not the only one who wishes the world for your little one.

The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers – Hearts can be broken, but Oliver Jeffers’ funny drawings and heart-tugging story tell why it’s better to risk heartbreak than never let your heart out of its bottle. A concept they’ll come to appreciate as they grow up, even the youngest children will delight in Jeffers’ quirky illustrations. Due in early March, pre-order it now.

And check out more heart-filled book picks for your kids: