Valentine's Day Dinner Ideas: What to Do with The Kids? 5 Ideas to Bring the Romance!


Valentine’s Day really is for lovers. It’s a day where we woo, wow and appreciate the wonder of our mates. But when you have kids, trying to have a romantic dinner can be quite a challenge. One thing about eating with kids? It ain’t romantic. At all.

Here are five ideas to make your Valentine’s Day dinner a bit more about you and him (or her) rather than all about them.

1) Best idea? Get a sitter. Or drop the kids off at a family member’s home or arrange an evening play date (or if you can swing it, a sleep over!). But if you can’t get a sitter – especially last minute – see suggestions 2-5.

2) Eat late! Have a romantic candlelight dinner after the kids have fallen asleep.

3) Have the kids serve you! If they are old enough, have them help make dinner and make a game of having them serve you. They can play waiter or waitress. Just don’t forget to tip.

4) Do two dinners. Have them eat in another room (preferably in front of the TV so their attention is on something besides making a mess or missing you) while you and your love eat elsewhere like the dining room, breakfast nook or even in bed.

5) Make it a family affair. Have everyone get dressed up and eat a delicious dinner together. Your love created them, might as well celebrate them on this day too!

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