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Why Professional Mom Bloggers are Here to Stay…

By 5MinutesForMom |

mom-bloggerWith the ever shifting landscape of social media, some critics continue to predict the demise of “Mommy Bloggers.” But are professional mom bloggers in any danger of losing their value and power in social media?

Moms rock social media. Studies prove it. Experience shows it.

No one needs to explain the power of relationship building, storytelling, and community to a mom. It is how women have always functioned — from old school village to new.

So, when women exploded in the blogosphere, and mom bloggers revealed they could weave inspiration and information through their online storytelling, creating an irresistible platform for marketers, the world began to take notice.

The demeaning questions began: Who are these mommy bloggers — and could they really be worthy of marketing dollars and attention? Surely, they are merely a fading trend. How long can someone ramble on about diapers and dirty dishes?

But at the same time as we were discredited, companies continued to increase their dependence on mom bloggers to accomplish their social media marketing goals.

As marketers grew weary of the limitations of banner ads, mom bloggers like myself were using customized integrated marketing campaigns that brought the advertisers off the side bar and into the community, joining the discussions.

Mom bloggers have been leaders in the blogosphere, early adopters and creating change. The birth of new social media platforms has not weakened our blogs and reach. Instead, we have embraced the new platforms and they have increased our value.

As Cecily Kellogg discussed in a recent post here at MomCrunch, “Moms Are The Real Economic Power, And They Are Online,” Edison Research recently completed a survey called Moms and Media: 2011 and the results are stunning. While Edison Research has been tracking social media statistics for over five years, and they knew women were more likely to be online, even they were surprised by some elements of the study.

Tom Webster, author of the blog Brand Savant and Vice President of Strategy at Edison Research explains, “…Social-savvy Moms are important not only because they create and share content, but also because they are listening…So, it’s easy to see why so many brands are talking to Moms: they listen.

And yet, some still try to project an end to our influence, an end to our relevance! What will happen when their children grow up? What will happen when advertisers tire of sponsored posts and ambassadorships? What will happen when companies no longer need social media consultants?

In response to such questions, I use the very mom bloggers who helped build the blogosphere, who shaped the social media landscape, as the reason why we professional mom bloggers are in no danger of losing our livelihoods.

For those of us who are making our living online as professional bloggers, the fact that social media is evolving is NOT a threat! We have grown because we know how to recognize and benefit from the evolution that IS social media.

Change is part of the game. If we didn’t know how to deal with change, we wouldn’t be where we are.

As professional mom bloggers, we have diversified revenue streams. We are not wholly dependent on one aspect of our businesses. (And we write about a lot more than the trials of early parenthood!)

I have always said that as bloggers we will not earn our income exactly the same this year as we did last. We can’t sit back and count on the past to repeat itself. But that doesn’t mean our income is over — we are not one trick ponies! For those who can’t succeed within changing trends, then yes, there may be some troubled times.

But, I would make the case that those of us who are working as professional mom bloggers were smart enough to get to where we are in the first place, and we will be smart enough to be where we need to be in the future.

Mom bloggers are not in danger because social media is evolving — mom bloggers are successful because it is evolving and we know how to work it!

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Janice Croze and her identical twin, Susan Carraretto, are the founders of 5 Minutes for Mom – a mom blog committed to promoting and connecting the online mom community. Janice is also a photographer who specializes in children's photography. You can find her photography work at

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0 thoughts on “Why Professional Mom Bloggers are Here to Stay…

  1. Tarasview says:

    YES!! Preach it Janice! :)

  2. janicecroze says:

    You know I will Tara!!! THANKS!

  3. Sarah says:

    LOVE THIS! The power of influence that my posts get still amazes me! And I love then companies appreciate the mom blogger. I do NOT love when they discredit me and even don’t responsed at all to some pitches. And I ONLY pitch companies that I persoanlly love. When they don’t even respond it leaves a bad taste in my mouth…

  4. Mel says:

    I totally agree with Janice that because of our ability to evolve along with social media that we are a power to be reckoned with! Mom Bloggers ROCK!

  5. Ashley says:

    “For those of us who are making our living online as professional bloggers, the fact that social media is evolving is NOT a threat! We have grown because we know how to recognize and benefit from the evolution that IS social media.”

    This might be the single best comment I have read on those who pursue blogging and social media in a professional capacity. I echo Tara’s sentiment above, preach it :)

  6. Jacki says:

    Sing it, sister!

  7. Justice Fergie says:

    Well said! Do we know anyone more adaptable, resourceful or innovative than a MOM?

  8. Lolli @ Better in Bulk says:

    I agree! I love that we are a part of an ever-evolving industry. And I love that our voices can be heard, that we can stretch ourselves and do things for ourselves and our kids and our communities that we had a harder time doing before social media.

  9. Christine @ Quasi Agitato says:

    The reasoning given here for why mom bloggers are ‘on their way out’ makes no sense to me. I guesss there will always be detractors. But clearly change does not equal death. Even through all the changes in Television (on demand, TiVo, etc.) they are still making conventional TV commercials. According to a friend in marketing and advertising here in NYC, mom bloggers are increasingly a part of the conversation, the strategy. I mean, it’s a pretty great situation, right? A popular mom blogger has a trusted and direct connection to an audience that is constantly replacing itself.

  10. tracy@sellabitmum says:

    I LOVE this. So perfectly said.

  11. Crunchy Carpets says:

    I agree that evolving is key to mom blogging $ to survive….both the moms AND the pr companies have to keep re jigging and re thinking how the model can work for all.
    I ranted about this too…

    abdpbt feels it will die if it doesn’t change…

    And I think that mom bloggers need to really work on defining just what they are doing for brands and what part of that machine they want to be and how they want to be treated and the worth has to be defined on both sides of the fence.

    Hobby with the chance of pocket money or a professional part of the marketing machine.

    1. janicecroze says:

      What is fantastic is how quickly these relationships and changes are evolving. I have loved working with companies and PR firms as we pioneer through this new ground.

  12. Ana L. Flores says:

    Who better than moms to be able to adapt with change?! Only a mom would understand that anyway.
    We are driven, passionate and have zero-tolerance for BS and change does not intimidate us.
    I am so sharing this post!

    1. janicecroze says:

      Fabulous! Love this comment Ana!

  13. Susan (5 Minutes for Mom) says:

    Exactly. We are not afraid of change, we’re at the front of the crowd stomping into the new ground.

  14. Holly Hamann says:

    Awesome post, Janice! And here is more proof of the GROWTH in mom blogger influence, NOT the demise. As you know, BlogFrog is a company that helps both bloggers and brands build community online (this comment is not a plug for BlogFrog – just mentioning to support your point). Brands like Kenmore, Intuit, Redbox, Shutterfly, Random House, P&G (and a whole bunch more) work with us specifically to reach mom bloggers like you and your readers. The amount of business we’ve gotten from household brands has quintupled in just 6 months! We’ve gone from 5 people to 20 in those 6 months all because more brands want help finding, reaching and working with mom bloggers. I expect that to double again in the next 6 months :)

    So you go girl! The influence of women and mom bloggers has only just begun!

    1. janicecroze says:

      Agreed! Great to hear such encouraging news from your business as well!

  15. Nadia Carriere says:

    Woot! Awesome, awesome post Janice. NAILED IT! ;)

    1. janicecroze says:

      Thanks girl!!!

  16. Trey Burley says:

    Testify. And without the gittyup of the mom bloggers, the dad bloggers would not have come forth.

    1. janicecroze says:

      True – and so glad you guys have! I am having a great time reading dad blogs — good to hear the different perspective!

  17. Paula says:

    This is OUR time fellow mamas!!

    Paula xx

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