Value Statements 2012


As my daughter said this morning, “Happy day after the day after Christmas!” The strange in-between time between the Christmas holiday and the New Year Holiday is a perfect time to reflect on the year that just passed and the year to come. Did you meet your professional, personal and financial blogging goals in 2011? What was successful for you this past year? What do you want to adjust or change in 2012?

One exercise that has been crucial to the success of my online career has been taking the time to articulate the core values around each of my projects. It’s what has allowed me along with each of my partners to build sustainable online brands around our businesses, both of which are them communicated and disseminated through web sites sites/blogs.

You’ve probably read numerous articles here on Mom Crunch already about the endless possibilities to monetize, to collaborate, to market your blog. The challenge for many bloggers is not a lack of ways to spend our time. It’s what of the endless list to invest our limited hours and energy.

This is where Value Statements have proven INvaluable to me. Because they become essential tools through which we (me and my partners) determine if we are on the right path. They become the filter through which we run our broader, strategic decisions as well as our day-to-day tactical choices.

Like many other bloggers, we get pitches from products and PR agencies every day. Yes, even today! A quick run through of our 5 core values — is it a way that we can “hold hands” with another company or organization? Is it about singing our (or all moms) truth? Does it support us hugging each moment? Or listening to our mommy intuition? Does it sew peace?) The answers to those five essential questions, gives me the green light or red light… and an easy decision on how to reply to that email.

So if you have a few spare moments in this in-between week, try your hand at identifying the values around your business and blog. Here’s more light but helpful reading on Value Statements from @hildygottleib plus a link to our PowerPoint presentation on mantras and manifestos, where we share how our values are reflected on My Mommy Manual.