Vampire Babies? Twilight: Breaking Dawn Inspires Baby Names Besides Renesmee

Twilight Breaking Dawn baby names
Twilight: Breaking Dawn inspired baby names

You may not be having vampire babies, but “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” is certainly inspiring plenty of human baby names.

Besides Renesmee, the half-vampire/half-human baby of Edward and Bella, coming into vogue as a baby name, a number of Twilight characters are providing inspiration when it comes to selecting a pop culture baby moniker.

Case in point, the Social Security Administration’s most popular baby names include Jacob and Isabella.

Be on the lookout for Cullen (Edward’s family’s last name), as well as Jasper and Emmett, growing in popularity.

SheKnows Parenting has rounded up vampire and werewolf names from the Twilight Saga to help you find your perfect Twilight baby name!

Names include Edward, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Carlisle, Jacob, Sam, Quil and more.

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