Vassar = Dream Crusher: Tells 76 Applicants They Were Accepted When They Were Not

Vassar the Dream Crusher

Imagine this, you are counting the days, the hours, the minutes to find out whether your high school senior will be accepted to the college of their dreams. There is a whole lot riding on the simple message of “congratulations…” or “we’re sorry to inform you…” that is delivered via letters, emails or websites.

So, you’re anxiously waiting to find out about your kid’s future. You log onto the college’s website and there waiting for you is amazing news. Your child has been accepted! But it turns out, they weren’t, it was just a computer error. Cue biggest “Wah-Wa” ever.  A senior’s worst nightmare? Sadly, this scenario rang true for 76 students who had applied to Vassar

for early decisions at the prestigious Poughkeepsie, New York school. The applicants logged in after 4pm on Friday and were presented with letters saying that they had been accepted (when they had not). The glitch had been fixed by 4:30 but in that half hour, many a dreams were crushed. But on the flipside, there were 46 of the 122 applicants who logged in at that time who were actually accepted.

The school president, Catharine Hill, said in a statement, “We understand how very upsetting this is for those students who viewed the inaccurate decisions that we posted online, and we are very sorry to have added to the overall stress of the college admissions process for these students and their families.”

To make amends, the school will be refunding their application fees to the students who were informed that did get in when they hadn’t. Do you think the school should do more?

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