Vending Machines Can Lead To Health Problems


School lunches aren’t the only nutritional hazard in your kid’s school. You need to watch out for the sugary snacks that pop out of the schools vending machines too.

A new study from the University of Michigan shows that kids who eat food out of vending machines tend to have more chronic health issues than those who don’t. Of course, it’s not the vending machines that are the problem. It’s the “foods” we put in them.

Soft drinks, candy and desserts make up the bulk of what kids eat from vending machines and snack bars at their schools. Kids who used the vending machines were at higher risk for childhood obesity, long-term poor dietary choices and chronic health problems associated with being overweight. About 22 percent of students use the vending machines in schools, the researchers found.

It is the first study to look past the junk being dished out in the cafeteria to the “competing foods and beverages” being shilled through vending machines, school stores and snack bars.

The solution to this problem is obvious: put healthier foods in the vending machines, or take them away.

Photo: salimfadhley