VIDEO: 4-Year-Old Goes After the Soviets in Miracle Speech


brooks-and-saccoA four-year-old who has memorized the 2004 hockey flick Miracle from end to end is looking to take Kurt Russell’s job.

Because who wouldn’t prefer a four-year-old yelling “screw” the Soviets?

Josh “Rizzo” Sacco’s impression of Herb Brooks, coach of the 1980 Olympic gold medal winning hockey team dubbed the “Miracle on Ice, is fast becoming my preferred look at the team’s pre-game.

That’s right Josh – screw ’em!

With his little brown suit (akin to the one Russell wore when HE played Brooks), the kid from Tennessee has recreated the speech for the Nashville Predators, and his dad has fielded calls from the Minnesota Wild (the team formerly known as the North Stars, where Brooks was a coach) and the University of Minnesota (where Brooks played hockey and later coached).

In the words of Herb Brooks . . . “again!”

Image: Yahoo Sports

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