Video - Another Kid Sings Journey


Riley Sings JourneyI have nothing against Journey. (Steve Perry, maybe.) But what is with so many young’uns belting out their tunes?

This time it’s Riley, age 8, who appears in a video shot by his dad on Father’s Day.

Riley sings “Don’t Stop Believing” from Ronnie Silos on Vimeo.

Cute kid, pretty good voice. (Former Journey member Randy Jackson might say a little pitchy. Dawg.) He’s singing to a girl, which is one of those things that is generally adorable to those of us who are susceptible to finding such things adorable, as I am. If I were inclined to be critical, I would say that the video goes on for too long, but for the family members involved, I’m sure the length was just fine. I’m also not entirely sure what’s going on there at the end, when another song starts playing. But this isn’t “American Idol.”

Is “kids singing Journey songs” a new Internet meme? Only time will tell.

Source: Vimeo via Buzzfeed

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