VIDEO: Balloon Boy's Dad on Tape Releasing Balloon


balloon-boy1The balloon boy story just got more suspicious – and the Heene family has no one to blame but themselves.

After claiming to be “appalled” at insinuations that the saga was anything but a harrowing ordeal for the family, the Heenes released a video today that puts into further question why son Falcon would be hiding in the attic.

The video shows Richard Heene actually letting the balloon go himself. Supposedly the story is they thought the boy was inside, freaked, then started making calls (the first of which, according to a Gawker report on the sheriff’s press conference today was to a NEWS crew not 911).

Here’s the video courtesy of MSNBC:

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Most people willing to give the Heenes benefit of the doubt assumed the kid was afraid because he’d let the balloon go himself. This blows that theory out of the water. If Dad did the release, why would the kid be scared? And if the kid is that scared of the Dad over nothing, what kind of Dad IS he?

Add it to the “we did it for the show” comment from the kid, and we’re pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of the Heenes.

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