Video Cameras Banned from Some Hospital Delivery Rooms - Why?!

hospitals ban video cameras tape birth delivery room
Some hospitals are banning video cameras during delivery!

Video cameras are now being banned from some hospital delivery rooms… but why?

Those looking to capture their baby’s first moments of life forever on video may want to check with the hospital’s policy on filming the delivery.

The reasons given for the ban on cameras include the need to eliminate distractions… and possible lawsuits.

Doctors and nurses that support the elimination of video cameras say they’d rather remove the distraction to focus on mom and newborn health.

The possibility of a medical malpractice lawsuit seems more at the root of the ban, however. Cameras can record everything going on during delivery, and if something were to go wrong, footage could capture it all or be edited or manipulated in some way.

Should hospitals ban video cameras from the delivery room? Did you record your child’s/children’s birth or do you plan to for future births?

Personally, I had no desire to have a video of the event, but I certainly understand why people make the decision to record this moment on camera.

It’s sad to know that some hospitals may remove this option because of litigation concerns.

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