VIDEO: Hitler Learns Obama's Coming for Our Kids


hitler-and-obamaWhile the right wing was pulling their kids out of school and protesting the president’s indoctrination of our kids, the Fuhrer was getting REALLY P-O-ed.

The folks at Skitzo Studios had a little fun with subtitles to bring you Adolf Hitler’s reaction to the news that President Obama was going to be allowed to talk to all of America’s school children.

The highlight? “When they learn to think on their own, they won’t casually accept every message of fear and hate we tell them!”

So borrow one of your kid’s diapers to ward off the pee-in-your-pants moment and settle down to watch the second-best speech of back-to-school week:

Who knew the Third Reich could provide such amusement? If you haven’t had enough, you can check out the Fuhrer’s reaction to Glenn Beck’s loss of advertisers.

So, do you think Obama’s “rock star status” opened your kids’ minds?

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