VIDEO-Japan's Biggest Potter Fan Meets Daniel Radcliffe


japans-biggest-potter-fan-meets-daniel-radcliffe6When some celebrities here the words “I’m your biggest fan,” they head for the hills. Not Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter.

First he makes nice with an 11-year-old reporter from Scholastic. Now he gets involved in something much more planned.

This young lady won a contest and the prize was meeting Harry Potter himself. Well, Daniel Radcliffe anyway. And they caught it all on video. Take a look:

Here are a few snapshots of key moments. Like when the fan is wearing a Sorting Hat because she wants to know which “house” she should be in. And when she actually meets her hero. And… oh, whatever. You have to give Radcliffe credit. He really goes the extra mile to promote the film.

One question: why is this considered OK, but me being a superfan of a Star Trek is considered nerdy? Huh? Why?

Source: Buzzfeed

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