Video of the Breastfeeding Doll


Bebe Gluton, or Baby Glutton - the doll your child can breastfeed!You’ve heard about the Breastfeeding Doll, aka Bebé Glotón? You’ve seen the pictures. But now you can see the video.

Lots of controversy has spawned since we wrote about Bebé Glotón here (after first reading about the doll on Thingamababy).

Seeing the doll on this promotional video might help to put that to rest. Or not. Take a look.

Gotta love YouTube. Well, major media companies don’t. But the rest of us? Oh yeah.

The strap-on vest is nothing more than a smock with flowers where the nipples would be. No latching or anything. Which, to be honest, is kind of a gip. You could make one of these at home.

The doll does make some pretty loud noises, including a slurp and a big ol’ burp. I have no idea how they compare to the noises made by other dolls. If you know, enlighten me, please.

Many people commented here and elsewhere that this was no different from a child putting a doll not specifically sold as a “Breastfeeding Doll” to their breast for a play feeding. So, just for fun, compare the video above to this one.

What do you think?

Source: YouTube via ParentDish, originally from Thingamababy