Video - Parent Tortures Kid With Shrimp


scared-shrimplessLet’s say you have a kid who is afraid of something that can’t hurt them. Like, say, a food. What do you do?

If you’re this person, you take a video of said child screaming while you dangle the food item in front of them. Then you post that video on YouTube.

Here you go:

This seems cruel to me. I can see a little child-torture. My own mother used to do something similar with the cards from the board game Clue. At the beginning of the game you are supposed to pick a card that determines who did the dastardly deed. She would push one of the cards out slightly, as if to influence my decision. Despite the fact that I hated it, she did this every single time. Drove me nuts. But she didn’t film me and put it online. It also seems like the person filming prolonged the agony for maximum YouTube effect.

The commenters on YouTube are divided.

“Bad mom.. ”

“I think mommy needs some parenting lessons… ”

“lol @ all the “professional parents” criticizing the mom. ”

“What is wrong with you people? That mom is definitely awesome… ”

What do you think? Creul? Funny? Both?

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