VIDEO: Rahm Emanuel Hams It Up for the Kids


rahm-emanuel-reads-to-kidsIf Rahm Emanuel has never seemed exactly warm and cuddly, he’s been forgiven for the job title that prevents it. I prefer efficiency and intelligence over sweetness and light from the president’s chief of staff.

But it was Rahm Emanuel the dad and the man rather than the chief of staff who took the stage at a recent sit down with a bunch of elementary schoolers. He pulled out a book titled Duck for President and managed to yuk his way through it.

When duck gets the barnyard beasties registered to vote and the farmer’s a flutter, Emanuel quips that this certainly isn’t Chicago we’re talking about. And of course there’s duck’s biggest decision once he’s president . . . chief of staff.

The event also featured Education Secretary Arne Duncan and White House Domestic Policy Council Melody Barnes, but Emanuel letting his guard down for a couple of kids is the standout that manages to elevate this video above the cheesy music (ugh) and put the real White House stamp of approval on the Read to the Top! summer reading program.

Keep an ear out for the kids’ feedback – when he asks them who wins the election, they yell “Obama.” Emanuel’s grin is a bit little boy, a bit chief of staff.