[VIDEO] Student's Valedictorian Speech Interrupted by Principal

If the girl was smart enough to be valedictorian, why did the principal feel the need to stand over her shoulder while she delivered a simple speech?

Chances are strong I’ll never win an Academy Award, Tony or Grammy. (Same for you, by the way. Sorry.)

Chances are better that I could have been my high school’s valedictorian. The chances still weren’t great or even good, actually, but they were better than me winning an Oscar. So if I had stood up to speak at my high school graduation, I would have milked it for all it was worth. And if someone had tried to steal my thunder at that moment? I’d have screamed bloody murder.

Had a student at El Dorado High School in Texas decided to strangle her principal during the delivery of her valedictorian speech, she shouldn’t be held accountable for her actions. The school’s principal literally stood over her shoulder to read along with her and interrupted her twice during in the speech. Why? Because the district had changed the speech without telling her and the valedictorian, Stephanie Paredes, decided to read the original version.

Was that really worth an interruption of the girl’s big moment? Check out the video and decide for yourself:


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