Vimeo Adds Cool New Video Editing Filters


vimeoLooking for the video equivalent of Instagram? Well, Vimeo is stepping up to be a contender by adding over 500 cool new filters.

In a blog post, Vimeo describes the new features.

Anyone can add Hollywood-style effects to their videos in just a few clicks, right on Vimeo. Simply choose one of your videos, try out a few of the 500+ Looks in the library, and adjust the intensity for your perfect look. With instant previews, you can view dozens of Looks in seconds, all applied to your own footage, so you can quickly find your favorite. You can also check out recommended Looks tailored to your specific video, or browse by genre, mood, location, color, time period, even holiday. This means you can finally finish that ‘40s Christmas crime drama you’ve been working on since 1947.

There’s no doubt that the filters are sharp and offer some great alternatives to plain video. I played around with it a bit with some videos I have already posted to Vimeo, and it really does enhance the appearance of the videos (I will say it does appear that lots of people are testing the new looks out because there were definitely some user hiccups and delays). You are also presented with the ability to choose a percentage for the filter, making it easy to add just a touch of something to a video without creating an overwhelming fakeness.

Vimeo’s Enhancer (where you’ll find the looks) also offers an “add music” feature. One bit of warning, however: the video effects are free for the next 90 days; after that, it’s likely that Vimeo will begin charging in some manner.

Check it out and enjoy!


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