Viral YouTube Hit "Charlie Bit My Finger Again!" Has Made $160,000 & Counting


Once upon a time a man whipped out his camera and recorded his one-year-old son Charlie biting his three-year-old brother Harry’s finger. There was tears, there was the element of surprise, and there were cute kids. All the elements of a hit. And in this case a very financially successful viral hit called simply, “Charlie bit my finger — again!”

This 57-second long clip has been viewed close to 400 million times, has warranted over 600,000 comments and has made- get this – over $160,000 in online ad revenue for the parents.

What? $160,000!?!Quick! Get out the camcorder! Record your kids doing something crazy, painful or embarrassing! Post it on YouTube! Then sit back and watch the cash roll in.

But there are a couple catches.  You must have no qualms about sharing your children’s cute, quirky or just humiliating moments with the world.  You may be accused of exploiting your offspring.  And your children will – at one point or another resent you.

But Charlie and Harry? For now, they seem to be enjoying their place under the internet sun and have done several other follow up videos like “Charlie On The Scooter He Got For Christmas”, “The Accident” and “Try Again”.  These videos seem way less creepy than the popular (and also lucrative) clip “David After the Dentist,” which on it’s own has made over $150,000.

Ready to risk your child’s privacy? You may be wondering how someone makes money off of a YouTube clip. When YouTube notices that a clip is going “viral,” they reach out to the video maker and establish a revenue share. YouTube and the clip creator split up the money made from the ads that surround the video. And then next up, internet infamy.

Would you ever post a clip on YouTube to try to cash in on your kid?

And if you haven’t seen “Charlie bit my finger — again!” or wanna watch it again, check it out below:


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