Vloggers, Edit Your Videos Directly on YouTube


On September 9, 2011, YouTube enabled video editing from within it’s user interface. It’s no replacement for Final Cut Pro or even iMovie but you can do some interesting things with it. Not only can you trim, rotate, and stabilize footage but you can also play with filters that add fill light, convert to black and white, sepia, cross process… is this starting to sound familiar?

Yup… it’s Instagram for video! I’m like a kid in a candy store! But it’s comforting to know that if, on the off chance I gorge myself on effects :)… I can still rescue my project with the reset button — which takes me back to my original version.

The real plus of course is that you can edit and/or enhance your existing videos without losing their video ID, meaning that you’ll keep your view counts and comments and backlinks to your video will stay intact.

YouTube also added an audio editing feature. By this, I mean they’ve enabled users to replace their soundtrack with one of their audio tracks. Unfortunately, this means that your whole audio track will be replaced. There is no option to overlay or selectively add pieces of audio to sections of video. Now that would be impressive, right?

If people start going crazy with the filters, there’s a chance we’ll end up with a bunch of cookie cutter videos… that all sound the same! Hahaha! But the flexibility of editing right on YouTube could be a big time-saver for vloggers who just want to trim and not mess with separate video editing software.

Here’s the official features video from YouTube:

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