Voice-to-Text as Dangerous as Typing While Driving

Voice-to-text as dangerous as typing while driving
Voice-to-text as dangerous as typing while driving

While I have curbed my texting while driving habits, with the introduction of Siri – I now dictate my text messages. I’m being safer right? Uhm, no… wrong.

A new study from the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University compared drivers who used voice-to-text services to compose messages to those who used the old school  tap on the screen method. 43 drivers participated as they navigated a course attempting at separate times texting, and voice-to-text dictation.

In each case, drivers took about twice as long to react as they did when they weren’t texting,” study author Christine Yager told Reuters. “Eye contact to the roadway also decreased no matter which texting method was used.”

According to Yager, drivers using voice-to-text systems actually took longer to compose messages due to the time needed to correct mistakes made by the voice recognition software.

Texting while driving is still a huge issue – despite the numerous campaigns to stop. Just drive down any major highway and observe, the use of smart phones while driving is apparent.

Interestingly, a study from AT&T shows that despite all of the campaigns to push for people to stop texting and driving, nearly half of all commuters still do it.  98% of commuters surveyed said they know sending a text or email while driving isn’t safe.


What will it take to change behaviors?  Do you Siri while driving? 

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